High Speed Saw

3016 kg | 6650 lbs

Rotation 40° (High Torque)

559 mm | 22"

Cutting Capacity

1283 mm | 50.5"

Maximum Throat Opening

B Models enable better leverage of big and tall timber with extended tower and “Arms Down” design. They feature durable cast grab and accumulator arms, each operated independently and an ultra- reliable disc drive with easily adjustable bearings.


Standard Configuration

Rotation 40° (High Torque) 3,016 kg 6,650 Ibs
Rotation 360° HT 3,243 kg 7,125 Ibs
Height 2,972 mm 117″
Width 1,638 mm 64.5″
Depth 1,705 mm 67.12″
Maximum Throat Opening 1,283 mm 50.5″
Maximum Throat Opening @ Teeth 1,041 mm 41″
Accumulation Area 0.45 m2 4.8 ft2

Cutting Capacity 559 mm 22″
Tip-to-Tip Diameter 1,448 mm 57″
Rated Saw Speed 1,150 rpm
Number of Teeth 16
Saw Kerf 59 mm 2 5/16″
Weight (Holders & Teeth | Varies Depending on Disc) 381 kg 840 Ibs
Style (One Piece or Segmented) Both

Motor “Rexroth 71 Series”

Cylinders (Diameter) 3″ | 3.5″
Grab Arms 2 Cylinders
Accumulating Arms 2 Cylinders
Weight 3300 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 cm

it’s all in the details

As a true visionary and pioneer in the forestry industry, we embrace quality craftsmanship

B Models

Our B Models are ready for your heaviest and tallest timber. Four independent arms operate with an “Arms Down” feature for maximum holding power and increased leverage.

Rather than the standard one cylinder, B Model attachments boast two cylinders per set of arms, resulting in unbeatable holding power.

Don’t miss the optional patented 360-degree wrist system using Quadco’s field-proven double reduction gear box and two motors for the best in feller buncher versatility.

B MODELS 22B 24B 27B
Cutting Capacity 22″ 24″ 27″
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