SKU: 2400-QU.


2997 mm | 118"


760 rpm

Rated Saw Speed @ 90 gpm | 3,800 psi

610 mm | 24"

Cutting Capacity

2812 kg | 6200 lbs

Rotation 40° (High Torque)

Intermittent models are capable of shoveling wood, cutting individual large limbs, and topping large trees. They have an optional locking arms safety feature available for projects involving electrical wires. These heads are ideal for blow-down and right-of-way clearing due to their hold and cut tree control.



Standard Configuration

Weight 3,300 kg 6,820 lbs
Height 2,692 mm 106″
Depth 2,478 mm 97″
Width (Arms Closed) 2,045 mm 80″
Width (Arms Open) 2,191 mm 86″
Rotate Motors 3 x MCR05
Degree of Rotation Continuous 360°

Minimum Closing Diameter 170 mm 6.6″
Maxiumum Opening Diameter 1,400 mm 55″

Cutting Capacity 1,000 mm 39″
Bar Length 1,270 mm 50″
Saw Motor F12-60 F12-60
Motor Size 60 cc 3.66 in3
Chain Size 19.05 mm 3/4″
Saw Bar Rotation 225° 225°

Pressure 300 bar 4,350 psi
Maximum Flow 250 lpm 66 gpm
Valve Bank M4-15 M4-15

Carrier Size
30 – 35 ton
Weight 3300 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 cm


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Intermittent Models

Our intermittent attachment range is your energy-saving, low-maintenance solution for large wood. With selective cut versatility and a swing-out disc for fast and effective cuts, our intermittent range is ideal for shoveling wood, cutting individual large limbs, and topping heavy trees.

Quadco intermittent saws stop and retract the bar saw after the cut, meaning the head can safely be repositioned for delimbing, topping, and trimming. They can also be used as a grapple for tree handling and piling.

For projects involving electrical wires, this range features an optional Locking Arms safety feature. Our intermittent range also requires less fuel, meaning you’re saving on energy.

Intermittent 2400 2900
Cutting Capacity 24″ 29″