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High Speed Saw

2565 mm | 101"


1321 mm | 52"

Tip-to-Tip Diameter

508 mm | 20"

Cutting Capacity

940 mm | 37"

Maximum Throat Opening

C Models enable better leverage when handling tall timber with extended tower and faster accumulation. They feature stronger, more durable cast arms contoured for maximum support when accumulating as well as an ultra-reliable disc drive with easily adjustable bearings.



Standard Configuration

Weight 2,540 kg 5,520 lbs
Height 2,565 mm 101
Depth 1,346 mm 53″
Width (Arms Closed) 1,435 mm 56.5″
Width (Arms Closed) 1,435 mm 56.5″
Rotate Motors Rexroth
Degree of Rotation Continuous 360°

Minimum Closing Diameter 170 mm 6.6″
Maxiumum Opening Diameter 1,400 mm 55″

Cutting Capacity 508 mm 20″
Bar Length 1,270 mm 50″
Saw Motor F12-60 F12-60
Motor Size 60 cc 3.66 in3
Chain Size 19.05 mm 3/4″
Saw Bar Rotation 225° 225°

Pressure 300 bar 4,350 psi
Maximum Flow 250 lpm 66 gpm
Valve Bank M4-15 M4-15

Carrier Size
30 – 35 ton
Weight 3300 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 cm


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SC Models

Quadco’s SC Models are designed with timber variety in mind. While the twin pinion design of the 20SC is made to tackle West Coast timber, the 22SC’s high accumulation capacity is perfect for eastern logs.

The SC Models are made for efficient accumulation with the “Four Arms Up” design and extended tower for superior leverage when handling tall timber. Faster accumulation is easy with one cylinder per set of arms and a heavy-duty timing bar.

C MODELS 18C 20SC 22C 22CP 22SC 24C 24CP 27SC
Cutting Capacity 18″ 20″ 22″ 22″ 22.7″ 24″ 24″ 27″