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Harvesting Heads are designed for the toughest harvesting environments and the largest sized stems.

These heavy duty directional felling heads are packed full of design features that set them apart from the competition, and are designed for tough felling environments and large sized stems.

Grapple Processor Heads are designed to be able to sort, shovel and load like a grapple and process and measure and cut with all the advantages of a Southstar processor.

Leaders in Forestry Attachments

At Southstar, our innovative team is committed to developing, designing, and manufacturing the best in forestry attachments. Southstar provides high quality, durable attachments that automate your harvesting and processing, maximizing productivity no matter the environment. Our wide range of attachments suit any size stem, are versatile in any terrain, and are exceptionally powerful—whether they’re felling, delimbing, sawing, or stacking. Built for durable, optimal performance, our machinery requires minimal maintenance while providing maximum strength and efficiency.

Equipment Specialists Working Hard For You

We work hard so that your equipment works hard—and at Southstar, we’re always learning and improving. Founded in 2008 on the premise of bringing novel ideas to forestry mechanization, we are dedicated to meeting loggers’ needs with each new product. Our attachments are carefully crafted and backed by years of learning from customers, advancements in progressive design, and service in the industry. Through comprehensive analysis, all of our products are rigorously tested before they’re manufactured. Contact us—our specialists are dedicated to finding you the ideal product for your wood harvesting and processing needs.

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With years of industry experience, customer service, and problem-solving design backing us up, Southstar is well-equipped to bring power and efficiency to your job site. Efficient, high-performance, and tough, our attachments are designed to last.

Our approach prioritizes innovative design, cutting-edge software, unique logging solutions, and rigorous testing. We’re always working hard to meet loggers’ needs by mechanizing and automating your job with superior products.

Our range of harvesting and processing heads combine precision power with multi-functional, high-quality design. All of our attachment heads are designed with excellence in mind.

Thinking about joining a team of individuals with unsurpassed commitment to designing and producing top-quality products in the logging industry? Check out our available jobs.

Products in action

Traction and Torque

See the QS505 Grapple Processor in action.  Its impressive traction and torque can handle small to medium-sized logs in no time. This machine is designed to perform multiple capabilities in one sleek configuration—without sacrificing any of the power. The QS505 not only sort, shovels, and loads logs; it can also measure and cut like a processor. 

Watch the FD750 Handle
a Heavy Duty Job

The FD750 Directional Felling Head is the best option for heavy duty jobs, and can handle large-size trees with the cutting edge capabilities that Southstar is known for. With its optimum operating size of 5-55” in diameter, the FD750 is made for larger trees and has an angled tip grip for improved shoveling and stacking capabilities while its Wide Chassis Structure brings you the best in structural strength. Plus, the Clean Hose Through design with a swivel or rotation option gives you ease of use and protects your hoses.

Southstar's Saw System at Work

Here with Danielson Logging in St. Maries, ID, the FD750 Directional Felling Head gets the tough jobs done with its powerful clearing, shoveling, and sorting capabilities. The Southstar saw system easily cuts through trees between 5-55” in diameter while the angled tip grips improve your hold when shoveling or stacking. The FD750’s Wide Chassis Structure is designed to bring you the best in structural strength when handling the largest logs. In mountainous terrain, the reduced saw box footprint can keep stump size short when you’re working on steep slopes.

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