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Quadco Introduces their QB Bar Saw Series

The better choice for high-value timber

by Quadco Group

Does your operator need to cut larger trees at a faster rate? Quadco is introducing the QB Bar Saw series of versatile, fixed wrist bar saw heads: the QB2500, QB3500, and QB4400. Simple, robust, and durable–these attachments were made to fell high-value timber.

Built for their durability and multi-functional use, our bar saws can be used as both felling heads when maneuvering logs and as grapples once the logs hit the ground. These attachments can perform additional duties such as topping, moving oversized limbs, and shovel logging.

As some of the few multi-functional, high-speed saws of this nature in existence, these saws will make a valuable addition to your operator’s toolkit and will allow you to work more efficiently.

Key Benefits
The Quadco bar saws are extremely durable and built for heavy-duty applications in the field, offering superior control with a user-friendly feel. Their grapple-type arm design allows for maximum control for easy use and smooth completion of large jobs.

The QB2500, QB3500, and QB4400 bar saws have spring-mounted saw units made to resist bent bars. Due to their superior performance in selective felling and shovel logging, Quadco bar saws are the better choice among competitors, ensuring that large jobs are completed faster and cleaner. Their durability means that they experience fewer mechanical failures and breakdowns, eliminating downtime on the site.

Quadco Bar Saws feature:

  1. Heavy duty reinforced chassis and arms
  2. Superior control for high value trees
  3. Durable and simple saw unit
  4. Servicing made easy with quick bar and chain changes
  5. Grapple-type arm design for maximum control
  6. Excellent performance in selective felling and shovel logging applications
  7. Spring-mounted saw unit to resist bent bars

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