SKU: QB4400-1-1-1-2.

Bunching Head

0.67 m2 | 7.2 ft2

Accumulation Area

57-67 lpm | 15-20 gpm

Rotor 360 degree

114-132 lpm | 30-35 gpm

Arm Cylinders

3,764.8 kg | 8,300 lbs

Cutting Capacity (Optional 40-deg)

This high capacity bunching saw head brings efficiency and innovation to your operation. Its versatility allows for 24” cuts while its patent-pending multi-junction accumulating arm design with full arms visibility makes for easier accumulating. Agility is never compromised with the 7224’s compact design and bolt-on, long and wide chip exit chute for easy maintenance. This model can be used with a one piece or segmented disc, and is designed to work seamlessly with both a rubber tire and boom mount.


Standard Configuration

Height 2,718 mm 107″
Width 1,829 mm 72″
Depth No
Depth (Closed, Main Frame) No
Depth (Open, Outside Guard) No
Depth (Drive-To-Tree Model) 1,854 mm 73″
Depth (Boom Mount Model) 2,210 mm 87″
Opening 1,156 mm 45.5″
Opening at Teeth 1,016 mm 40″
Boom Mount Model No
Accumulation Area .67 m2 7.2 ft2
Arm Cylinder Diameter 89 mm 3.5″
Shear Knives Thickness No
Shear / Sweep Arm Closing Time No

Hydraulic Flow 95-159 lpm 25-42 gpm
Arm Cylinders 114-132 lpm 30-35 gpm
Disc Saw Motor 95-159 lpm 25-42 gpm
Rotor 360 degree 57-76 lpm 15-20 gpm
Hydraulic Pressure Recommended No
Accumlator Arm Cylinder Diameter 89 mm 3.5″

Optional 40-deg 3,764.8 kg 8,300 lbs
Optional 360-deg 3,833 kg 8,405 lbs
Drive-to-Tree (DT) 3,443 kg 7,590 lbs
Optional Valve and Guards 150 kg 330 lbs

Tip to Tip Diameter 1,549 mm 61″
Rated Saw Speed 1,075 RPM
Number of Teeth 18
Saw Kerf 59 mm 2 5/16″
Weight Holders and Teeth 434 kg 956 lbs
Style (One-Piece and Segmented) Both
Weight 3300 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 cm


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