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The Log Max Twin Series delivers maximum harvesting power with a lightweight body. Both the 6000 and 7000 Twin excel in delimbing heavy, low-branched trees with excellent active pulling force that ensures minimal log damage.

Designed for tracked carriers, Log Max’s Xtreme Series are heavy-duty harvesting heads with exceptional felling, feeding, delimbing, and processing power. Each head in the XT series is specially designed for a variety of applications, meeting loggers’ needs all over the world.

Worldwide Commitment

As a part of the Quadco Group, Log Max prides itself on a commitment to delivering quality products for efficient operations and high-powered durability: that’s why Log Max harvesting heads are working hard in over thirty countries around the world. With headquarters in both Grangärde, Sweden, and Kalama, Washington, USA, Log Max heads are backed by trustworthy customer service and product support, no matter where in the world you are.

Unparalleled Construction, Rigorous Parts Testing

From our low-weight, high-power 600V to our hardworking Xtreme series for your largest trees, all of Log Max’s products are designed, constructed, and produced at our factory, meaning that important communication and teamwork is ongoing throughout the process. All heads are tested and inspected to ensure that they meet Log Max’s high standards. Upgrade your job with Log Max heads and the Log Mate rugged hardware system for seamless cutting and harvesting.
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Since 1980, Log Max has been designing and manufacturing top-of-the-line equipment for mechanized forestry operations. We’re proud to serve the Americas and over 30 other countries around the world.

As a true visionary and pioneer in the forestry industry, we embrace quality craftsmanship, business relationships, and loggers needs.

Our products are made in Sweden and carry a legacy of high power, durability, and strength. Log Max’s Grapple Harvesters excel in any terrain and operate on a number of carriers for maximum efficiency.

Our mission is to manufacture world class cutting systems to fulfill our customers’ needs, provide satisfying careers for all employees, and earn a fair return. We are continuously improving in order to create partnerships with our customers for a collective successful future.

Products in Action

7000XT on a CAT with Callsen Cutting

The unprecedented delimbing power of the Log Max 7000 is on display here with Callsen Cutting. The 7000XT model is a great option for branch-heavy, large wood, and performs at high speed and power no matter the job. The variable displacement feeder roller adapts to your needs, providing a faster speed with smaller stems and automatically boosting the power with heavier, branched trees.

10000XT with Siegmund Excavation

The LogMax 10000XT is at the top of its game. This head has incredible precision, power, and durability, making it a great option for harvesting and processing alike. With an integrated top saw, the 10000XT is productive and versatile. As you can see here with Siegmund Excavation, it can easily handle large logs with control and power.

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