Saw Disc

Series 1 : <<2-Leg Heavy Duty>>

This 1″ or 1-1/8″ thick saw & tooth holder combination is most commonly used where the disc is subject to high-energy impacts. This design is one of Quadco’s strongest, intended for heavy duty harvesting applications. All 2-1/4″ kerf teeth adapt to this disc family.

Series 2 : <<1-Leg>>

This 7/8″ thick disc & tooth holder configuration is most commonly used where maximized accumulations is necessary. The tooth holder design allows the tree support plate to approach the teeth and additional 2 inches. This disc is not recommended for use in high impact harvesting conditions. All 2-1/4″ kerf shanked teeth adapt to this disc family.

Series 4 : <<2-Leg regular>>

This lightweight 7/8″, 1″ or 1-1/8″ thick disc & tooth holder configuration is most commonly used where tough or abrasive harvesting conditions are factors. Both the heavier tooth holders adding torque to the lightweight saw blade combined with a narrower tooth kerf (2″ and less) make this saw highly efficient for its application. The “wear plate” in front of the tooth deflects abrasives from the disc, further prolonging the life of the saw disc.

Series 5 : <<2-Leg full cover>>

  • Highest torque rating in the industry ; 20% more than previous models
  • Highly aerodynamic; 25% more efficient than previous models
  • Increased perimeter coverage makes it ideal for abrasive conditions
  • Well proven modular concept (replaceable tooth holders)
  • Available in both “Shanked” and “No-Shank” holder styles
  • 1-1/8″ thick disc center for maximum disc life
  • Retrofit kits available for all Quadco disc systems

Series 5 : <<1-Leg Full Cover>>

Becomes much like one-piece disc yet retains well proven modular concept.

icone-pdfFor more features and benefits, download the PDFbrochure.

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