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Quadco Named Official North American Distributor for Bracke Forest AB

Quadco Corporate – Quadco, a leader in forestry equipment innovation, has purchased the distribution rights to the Bracke Forest AB line from Silvana Import Trading, Inc. This partnership will expand Quadco’s product offerings to include the Bracke Forest AB disc trenchers, mounders, planters and seeders, and felling heads.

Founded in 1922, Bracke Forest AB holds many patents and offers top-quality forestry equipment with a focus on conservation. Their equipment is designed to promote soil reforestation and environmental health while maintaining economic and productivity standards. Located in Bräcke, Sweden, Bracke Forest AB serves customers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

This expansion of its product offerings will allow Quadco to provide its clients with additional solutions for their forestry equipment needs. It also supports Quadco’s interest in assisting its clients in meeting their goals for sustainable, renewable forestry practices. Quadco plans to retain key Silvana team members during this transition, ensuring that current Bracke Forest AB customers in North America experience uninterrupted support and service.

Partnering with Bracke Forest AB is the most recent step in Quadco’s history of revolutionizing the forestry industry. The inclusion of new, regenerative products in its catalog allows Quadco to further support its clients by providing equipment to handle a wider range of forestry projects. With the combined history and innovative expertise of Bracke Forest AB and Quadco, forestry professionals will have greater access to the tools and support they need to operate effectively.

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About Quadco: Quadco is a pioneer in the forestry industry. Incorporated in 1989, the company is recognized worldwide for revolutionizing the forestry industry through the development of the Quad Tooth System® as well as other valuable forestry attachments used by loggers every day. Its mission is to manufacture world-class cutting systems to fulfill customers’ needs, provide satisfying careers for all employees, and earn a fair return. Quadco is continuously improving in order to create partnerships with its customers for a collective successful future.

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