SKU: fr-7000-Twin.

Arche longue

1,892 kg | 4,171 lbs

Poids (sans rotateur, ni lien, ni système multi-tiges)

300 bar | 4,351 psi

Pression du rotateur

750 mm | 29.53 in

Capacité de coupe

757 mm | 29.8 in

Diamètre d'ouverture maximal

La toute nouvelle Log Max 7000-Twin, dans la lignée de la 6000Twin, est une nouvelle tête robuste spécialement conçue pour les arbres à branches basses.

7000 Twin

Standard Configuration

Weights & Dims Weight 1,892 kg 4,171.15 lbs
Height 196.7 cm 77.4″
Width (With Roller Arms Open) 193.7 cm 76.3″
Width (With Roller Arms Closed) 131.5 cm 51.8″

Felling & Cutting Optional Saw Models Saw 98XL
Optional Saw Tensioner Manual
Saw Oil Capacity 42 liters 11.10 gal
Maximum Saw Bar Length 900 mm 35.43″
Maximum Cut Capacity 750 mm 29.53″

Delimbing Number of Delimbing Knives 5
Maximum Delimbing Knife Opening 757 mm 29.8″
Maximum Delimbing Full Coverage 526 mm 20.71″

Feeding Feed Roller Models V-Steel Soft Grip, V-Steel Hard Grip, Eucalyptus
Feed Roller Motors Variable 830-1320 cc, 1147 cc
Max Feed Force 41.7 kN
Max Feed Speed 5.3 m/s 17.39 ft/s
Maximum Feed Roller Opening (Diameter) 713 mm 28.07″
Minimum Feed Roller Opening 13 mm 0.51″

Hydraulics Maximum pressure 300 bar 4,351.13 Psi
Maximum Flow 300 l/min 79.25 gal/min
Minimum Flow 200 l/min 52.83 gal/min

Rotators Rotators Indexator AV17S, Indexator H182

Base Machine Excavator Maximum Weight 35 ton 77,161.70 lbs
Excavator Minimum Weight 21 ton 46,297.02 lbs
Wheeled Harvester Maximum Weight 25 ton 55,115.50 lbs
Wheeled Harvester Minimum Weight 18 ton 39,683.16 lbs
Crane Requirements Maximum 300 kNm 221268.60 lb/ft
Crane Requirements Minimum 200 kNm 147,512.40 lb/ft

Control Systems Control Systems Log Mate 510

The QB4400 Fixed Felling Head is a multi-functional felling attachment designed to fall, bunch, shovel, and load. Its high torque continuous rotation system, and grapple type arm design fundamentals, allow for highly controlled felling or large high value hard and softwood, providing increased value recovery.


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