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2,078/2,058 kg | 4,581/4,537 lbs

Weight (without rotator, link, or multi-tree handling)

320 bar | 4,641 psi

Rotator Pressure

813 mm | 32 in

Cutting Capacity

995 mm | 39.2 in

Maximum Opening Diameter

The Log Max 7000XT fixed head is a control felling unit designed to help with those tough jobs, such as pipeline operations and right-aways. The 7000XT fixed head allows the operator to control fall, bunch, and process timber up to 710 mm (28") in diameter with a maximum cutting capacity of 800 mm (31.5").

7000XT F

Standard Configuration

Max Width (Arms Open) 1950 mm 77″
Min Width (Arms Closed) 1328 mm 52″
Height (to center of rotation unit) 795 mm 31″
Standard Configuration 2,078 kg/ 2,058 kg 4,581 lbs / 4,537 lbs

Saw Type 418H 418H
Saw Motor 30 cc 30 cc
Saw Chain 0.404 pitch 0.404 pitch
Bar Length 75/82/90 cm 29.5/32.3/35.4 in
Maximum Cutting Capacity 65/72.5/80 cm 25.6/28.5/31.5 in

Feed Roller Diameter, V-Steel 612 mm 24 in
Feed Roller Diameter, V-Steel Aggressive 612 mm 24 in
Feed roller diameter, Eucalyptus 616 mm 24.3 in
Calculated Feed Force 45 kN/42,1 kN
Calculated Feed Speed 5.2/4.2 m/sec 11.6/9.4 mph
Maximum Roller Opening 713 mm 28.1 in
Minimum Roller Opening 13 mm/td> 0.5 in

Max delimbing knife opening 772 mm 30.4 in
Max Full Coverage Delimbimg Diameter 560 mm 22.1 in
Min Full Coverage Delimbing Diameter 40 mm 1.6 in

Maximum Pressure 320 bar 4641 PSI
Maximum Flow 350 l/min 350 l/min


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As a true visionary and pioneer in the forestry industry, we embrace quality craftsmanship.


With the ability to handle up to 32” in a single cut, Quadco Bar Saws are ready to tackle your large timber with finesse.

“Stop and go” versatility means the bar saw is retracted after the cut, safely readying the head for your delimbing, topping, and trimming needs.

Our Bar Saw’s arms are extremely durable, feature one cylinder per arm, and are made of cast-iron steel for easy grabbing and accumulating.

bar saw models qb2500 qb3200 qb3500 qb4400
Cutting Capacity 25″ 32″ 34″ 39″