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777 kg | 1,713 lbs

Weight (without rotator, link, or multi-tree handling)

280 bar | 4,061 psi

Rotator Pressure

460 mm | 18.1 in

Cutting Capacity

517 mm | 20.4 in

Maximum Opening Diameter

The 4000T has an entirely new frame construction where the saw box has been moved backwards and outwards, the higher part of the frame inched forward reducing friction and clogging in the measuring wheel. The new hydraulics layout greatly improves power and feeding speed making this 833 kg* harvesting head the ultimate choice for thinning and lighter final cuts.


Standard Configuration

Weight 777 kg 1,713 lbs
Height 142.6 cm 56.1″
Maximum Width (With Head Open) 118.5 cm 46.7″
Maximum Width (With Head Closed) 103.5 cm 40.8″
Degree of Rotation N/A

Number of Drive Rollers 2
Motor Size (Drive Arm) 398 cc 24.3 in3
Motor Size (Variable Displacement) N/A N/A
Motor Size (Fixed Center Drive) N/A N/A
Maximum Drive Roller Opening (Diameter) 460 mm 18.1″
Maximum Drive Roller Closing (Diameter) 12 mm 0.5″
Feed Speed 5.0 mps 16.4 fps

Number of Delimb Arms N/A
Maximum Delimb Opening 517 mm 20.4″
Maximum Delimb Full Coverage 350 mm 13.8″
Minimum Delimb Closing (Diameter) 12 mm 0.5″

Saw Type 218
Maximum Cut (Diameter) 49 cm | 58 cm 19.3″ | 22.8″
Bar Size 60 cm | 67 cm 23.6″ | 26.4″
Chain Pitch 0.404 mm
Motor Size 19 cc 1.16 in3
Chain Auto Tension No
Oil Tank Capacity 4 L 1.1 gal

Carrier Size (Tracked) 13 – 18 ton
Carrier Size (Wheeled) 13 – 20 ton
Maximum Pressure 280 bar 4,061 psi

Model Log Mate 510
Optional Additions Yes
Full Optimization Optional
Electronic Calipers (For Electronic Calibrations) Optional
Degree of Rotation N/A


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As a true visionary and pioneer in the forestry industry, we embrace quality craftsmanship.

bar saw models

With the ability to handle up to 32” in a single cut, Quadco Bar Saws are ready to tackle your large timber with finesse.

“Stop and go” versatility means the bar saw is retracted after the cut, safely readying the head for your delimbing, topping, and trimming needs.

Our Bar Saw’s arms are extremely durable, feature one cylinder per arm, and are made of cast-iron steel for easy grabbing and accumulating.

bar saw models qb2500 qb3200 qb3500 qb4400
Cutting Capacity 25″ 32″ 34″ 39″