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The LogMax 7000XT

High Performance In Any Application

The unprecedented delimbing power of the Log Max 7000 is on display here with Callsen Cutting. The 7000XT model is a great option for branch-heavy, large wood, and performs at high speed and power no matter the job. The variable displacement feeder roller adapts to your needs, providing a faster speed with smaller stems and automatically boosting the power with heavier, branched trees. 

Shown here on a CAT, the 7000XT also performs exceptionally when it comes to measuring, cutting, and sorting. The chain saw is hydraulically powered and features a pressure-controlled feed force. The head feeds wood at high speeds with two hydraulically driven rollers. When it comes to delimbing, the 7000 shines with four movable knives made to keep friction and pulling force high.

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With its large, high-torque feed motors, the 7000XT gives you up to 45kN / 11,600-lb. of feed force and delimbing power. High-flow hydraulics provide increased performance in any application and the toughest conditions.

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