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Quantum Series Grinder Teeth

by Quadco Group

Quantum Series Grinder Tips

Introducing the NEW Quantum Series Grinder Tips–the tool technology to help reduce operating costs and maximize production. 

Many things influence the performance and life-span of a carbide welded or steel tip, such as contaminants, material, environment, equipment, and even primary or secondary grind/screen hole size. Quadco’s new line of grinder tips are manufactured from the highest quality alloy steel forgings, overlaid with proprietary carbide weld for unmatched performance.

Quadco Sharp Steel Woodchuck Tips are especially made for high production in forestry slash, whole logs, and other clean scrap wood applications, meaning you can worry less and increase production. No matter the job, Quadco tips provide superior performance in most applications. 

With our years of experience in the industry, we’re sure you’ll find that our tips provide the best possible service for your needs, including a production increase, reduction in overall operating costs, significantly less wear to equipment, and a reduction in fuel use. We’re excited to expand our product line and greatly improve our offerings to the industry. 

Some Guidelines For Future Tip Purchases

If you’re in the market for new grinder tips, make sure you’ve done your homework and determined what’s working and what’s not. We recommend that you inspect your used tips, noting the location of significant wear. Most often, you’ll find the most severe wear only on the corner of the tips. Here’s an example: if the sides of a 4-pass tip are worn away before the corners and cutting edges, you may want to replace it with a 6-pass type tip. This will protect your holders from premature wear and extend tip life duration. And of course, always inspect work material for any contaminants, including metal, sand, dirt, and leaves, choosing grinder tips accordingly. 

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