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Tooth technology to help you reduce your operating costs.
New durable carbide grade to match cutting application.
Quadco patented carbide tip overlap eliminates blowby wear.

World Class Cutting Tools For Every Project

From full cutting systems to our signature Quadco Teeth, we’re your provider for top quality cutting tools that last through the years. We take pride in our service to the forestry industry, developing our equipment and attachments based on the real needs of loggers. We are committed to providing only the best in attachment heads, teeth, and cutting tools for all our customer’s needs. Our products cover all your cutting needs—saw, cutting, grinder, and mulcher teeth deliver lasting quality and excellent variety for our valued loggers.

Your Ultimate Source for Forestry Cutting Tools & Attachments

From teeth and attachments to felling heads, mulcher bits, and more, our products are tough enough to withstand any conditions without compromising on productivity and precision control. We guarantee durability, and all of our products feature the lasting quality that Quadco is known for. We focus on building relationships with our customers, and want to provide you with a cutting system you can rely on. Need help picking the right attachment or cutting tool for your needs? Contact us for personalized recommendations.

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Quadco has been the pioneer & leader in the industry for over 30 years. Many copy but none can match our quality and performance.

As a visionary in the forestry industry, we embrace quality craftsmanship, business relationships, and loggers needs.

Our patented Quadco Teeth are known around the world as the industry standard for top quality, long-lasting teeth. The Quad Tooth® system includes a variety of saw teeth, mulcher teeth, and grinder teeth for every project.

Our mission is to manufacture world class cutting systems to fill our customers’ needs, provide satisfying careers for all our employees, and to create a partnership with our customers for a successful future.

Products in Action

Check out the 27B in Action

Shown here hard at work on a John Deere, the Quadco 27B head is standard equipped with a Q611866 Segmented Saw Disc assy with 18 #Q11333T teeth and 18 full cover, reversible holders for extended life. Designed for cutting in any conditions, our Quadco Teeth on the 27B bring maximum impact with minimal wear and upkeep. Teeth are interchangeable, with our QRX333R2 and new QP33 steel teeth available for this disc.

See the 56QDM on site with Left Coast Land Clearing

The QDM56 Quadco Mower head uses our 56” timed-belt mower, capable of mulching full trees, sweeping debris and brush, and performing complete land clearing operations. Using our Q10639T Steel Beaver Tooth and Q10632T Spacer, the Quadco Drum Mower clears excess vegetation fast. Our Q11200BT Steel Planer teeth are also shown mulching branches with ease. Check out the full mowing/mulching power of the QDM56 in action!

Experience the B Model Difference

At max power on a CAT, our Quadco 27B head features a Q611866 Segmented Saw Disc for maximum cutting in any conditions. Quadco’s disk and teeth are designed for extended life, with 18 teeth and 18 full cover, reversible holders. Our QRX333R2 and new QP33 steel teeth can be interchanged on the disc for custom cutting power.

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