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Get to know the company that has brought you innovation in forestry products since 1989. Our company began by manufacturing saw teeth and discs over thirty years ago, and we have since expanded our reach across North America, Europe, and Oceania as our technical team developed a range of quality attachments and cutting tools that keep loggers everywhere maximizing their uptime. Backed across the world by our expert field technicians, product support specialists, and sales teams, the Quadco Group is dedicated to keeping your business profitable and efficient with durable, innovative products. 

With the addition of the Log Max and Southstar brands to the Quadco Group, we’ve significantly expanded our offerings through Southstar’s harvesting, felling, and grapple processing attachments and Log Max’s powerful harvesting heads. No matter what brand you choose, we guarantee rigorous product development and testing of each head–designed with input from our valued loggers that keeps our attachments ahead of the game. Watch on to learn more about each of our brands’ product offerings, unique attachments, award-winning cutting tools, and commitment to forestry excellence. Maximize uptime with us.