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Southstar StarTrax Satellite Communication System

Southstar has engineered a foolproof method of contact that operates via the Startrax satellite communication system, meaning Southstar equipment operators can stay in contact even in remote, no-service areas. Designed by Southstar, the Startrax system allows for reliable reporting and communication, increasing safety for employees out on the job. Startrax is built into Southstar attachments for seamless integration and enables increased processing efficiency and effortless data transfer. Two-way text messaging as well as sending and receiving product reports, grades, assortments, and machine information or instructions can all be done in remote areas regardless of cellular service.

Field operators and managers can also locate their equipment using the GPS Equipment Location feature, perform automatic reporting, and send cutting instructions to field operators no matter their location. Field safety doesn’t have to be a concern with the Startrax system. Stay in contact with your team and be alerted to any changes immediately without worrying about reception.