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In The Field With Cascade West Logging

Learn more about the unmatched power of Southstar’s QS635 Processing Head with Thomas Ireland, a second generation logger working in the forests of Roseburg, Oregon. His company, Cascade West, was started 25 years ago by Ireland’s father, and has since been expanded by Ireland and his brothers. Their QS635 has the tilt power they need to tackle big log decks, succeeding where many other heads fall short. Its large frame allows it to swerve around defects and continue processing the head–giving it an advantage over smaller heads that may struggle and cause unnecessary downtime. Thomas and his brothers run their QS635 on a Link-Belt 5040 carrier, which provides great balance and is equipped with a long boom, a long reach, and the necessary balance and power to work efficiently with the QS635. Plus, the head’s super fast automated software and auto saws take the strain out of operating, allowing for faster, effortless processing. This powerhouse attachment tackles the work of two heads in a single hour, delivering efficiency and strength to loggers everywhere.