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Attachment Heads Technology

intelligent and fast control system to maximize productivity


Intelligent and fast control system to maximize productivity.

The xLogger, shown here on the 5660-QU, has been designed with years of experience in forestry information and control systems in mind. A Linux based operating system, the xLogger boasts a multitude of options for production reports and works hard for you with its smart, optimal productivity software. It’s StanFor 2010 compatible and is made for optimized cutting control, featuring comprehensive data management and monitoring for all your needs. The xLogger also enables fully integrated harvester head and base machine control. The xLogger boasts an 8.4 inch TFT display with mouse control and an optional 12” touch screen. It can handle up to six species at any time with numerous sorts and presets available for each species. With an on-screen troubleshooting feature, you won’t have to consult a manual ever again. The system also features a USB for backups and software updates, plug-in capabilities for all cables, PC connection, GPS capabilities, and plenty of safety features for operators.


  • 8.4″ TFT Display with Mouse Control
  • Optional 12″ Touch Screen
  • Up To 6 Species in Handling At Any Time
  • Numerous Sorts Available for Each Species
  • Large Number of Presets for Each Species
  • Imperial or Metric Display Units
  • Imperial or Metric Programming
  • On-Screen Trouble Shooting Features
  • USB Back Up and Software Updates
  • Plug-In Connections for All Cables
  • Many Safety Features for Operators
  • GPS Capability
  • StanFor 2010 Compatible
  • Optimized Cross Cutting Control
  • Comprehensive Data Managing and Monitoring
  • Software “Thinks” to Optimize Productivity
  • Control System Can Be Connected To PC*
  • Enables fully Integrated Harvester Head and Base Machine Control