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Southstar Ltd was founded in 2008 and is a world-leading forestry attachment manufacturer. Southstar’s vision is to bring fresh ideas to the mechanization of the forestry industry. The innovative team at Southstar is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality forestry attachments that deliver efficient automated mechanized harvesting and processing for wood products. We come with a simple mission: to be industry leaders in forestry attachments by providing world-class products for global conditions. This is achieved through progressive design, service, and listening to our customer requirements as we create low-maintenance, heavy-duty machinery that embodies efficient, high-quality performance while remaining affordable.


Our major markets are in North America with sales in a dozen other countries. Available worldwide, our attachments, components, and other products are sold through traditional OEMs as well as local distributors. Over the years, Quadco’s growth has been characterized by a steady increase in sales. This ongoing expansion is supported by the experience and technical capabilities of our group of dedicated and knowledgeable employees. Because customer satisfaction is Quadco’s chief concern, we always strive to uphold the service and quality of all of our products.

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“The key to our success is our employees, and the great products we sell and service. I’m very proud of our team–let there be no doubt about it: we are dedicated forest industry people.”

As the President and CEO of Quadco, Dan Webb is constantly challenging himself and his company. When it comes to innovation, service, and meeting the needs of loggers, Webb ensures that Quadco keeps moving forward. Webb has a 28-year career with Quadco, starting as Southeast U.S. Sales Rep in 1992 and moving up to Southeast Sales and Lexington, South Carolina Branch Manager. He then became Vice President of U.S. Operations and Vice President of North American Sales and U.S. Operations. In August 2019, Webb was appointed the company’s President and CEO, proudly taking the reins and guiding the company toward continued innovation and success. Webb understands that Quadco’s innovation would not be possible without the “dedicated forest industry people” that make up the company—the service technicians, engineers, and administrative staff, some of whom have been with the company for over a decade. Under Webb’s direction, Quadco has made great strides in facility access and service. With the opening of the new Kalama facility, which houses Quadco, Southstar, and Log Max under one roof, Quadco can now serve more of its North American customers with ease. Webb travels extensively throughout North America, Canada, and New Zealand visiting loyal customers and promoting Quadco, Southstar, and Log Max products. He prefers to stay in close contact with Quadco’s customers, attending more than 25 industry shows and association meetings a year so that he can learn from the expert loggers they serve.

“Quadco is a brand that you can be proud of. They really are an industry leader. The company commits to the industry and that makes the brand strong; it makes the products something the industry really needs—and they’re priced right. I see Quadco, and they’ve been at it for over 30 years. I see that and live and breathe it every day.”

Keith Hicks, Vice President of Quadco’s Cutting Tools division, is responsible for global product development and marketing—from designing new tools to ensuring Quadco’s excellence in the industry. Keith is excited about recent steps forward, such as the development and expansion of the new line of QPS teeth, which shows a marked improvement in the kind of innovative cutting tool technology that meets loggers’ evolving needs. Keith works to ensure that Quadco lives up to its name as a Leader in the Industry—producing quality, durable products that perform longer and work harder than other cutting tools on the market. Since cutting tools are wood engaging and inevitably wear out, Keith is interested in finding new ways to make Quadco’s cutting tools deliver even more power and precision on every attachment. His philosophy centers around listening to the customer—getting out in the forest and experiencing the challenges that loggers are facing so that Quadco Cutting Tools can design and develop the right solutions. With over 45 years of experience in the industry, Keith has the expertise and the passion to continue to make Quadco Cutting Tools into a solutions powerhouse for the hardworking loggers it serves.

Alana has been with Quadco for 27 years, and has worked in Human Resources for the last 19. As the Vice President of Human Relations, she covers risk management, insurance, and internal relations for the entire company. Alana is responsible for Quadco’s global locations—including the U.S., Canada, and New Zealand. When she began working with Quadco, she was one of only seven employees, and in the next twenty years was able to gain experience in a variety of roles while receiving her MA in Human Resources. Throughout, she was an integral member of the developing team and notes that her experience in a number of roles has given her invaluable insight into the inner workings of all of the company’s departments. In addition to standing out from the competition with its continued excellence in attachment head design, Alana believes that today, the Quadco difference lies in its commitment to a family-first environment for all of its employees. Quadco works hard to create a positive work-life balance for employees, ensuring that work is more than just a place they go every day–it’s a second home that provides a sense of community. The Quebec location proudly received two awards that attest to this—the Families in Quebec award that honors companies for putting employee families first. Many of Quadco’s employees have been with the company for 15-20 years, meaning that their expertise has been making the company better for over a decade. Alana has been a pillar of support for the Quadco team amid recent growth and acquisitions, and she looks forward to continuing her work of fostering a positive team environment.

As the Global Attachment Sales Coordinator, Jacki Gillen is a primary point of contact for many of Quadco’s long-term customers–and throughout her ten years on the job, one of her favorite parts of her position has been getting to know each of them. Based out of Quadco’s location in Lexington, SC, Jacki began as an administrator and progressed to worldwide sales coordinator, placing her in charge of all sales across the globe. She has seen Quadco through many changes–including the acquisitions of Southstar and Log Max North America–and is excited to be a part of the movement forward as the company continues to grow at an impressive rate. Jacki began with the Quadco brand and took on Southstar’s customers post-acquisition. She recently added Log Max to her repertoire, and has been busy coordinating with Quadco’s IT department to perfect system changes and keep the Sales Department running smoothly. She also handles Accounting for some of the United States sales. Jacki enjoys developing relationships with Quadco’s customers, dealers, and employees, noting that “the equipment speaks for itself” when it comes to the Quadco difference. Many of the customers Jacki works with have been with Quadco for years–some for over a decade–and Jacki enjoys keeping up with them and watching their businesses grow and develop throughout the years.

Over the years, Joel Doupé’s expertise has been essential to Quadco Group. Joel worked with Log Max between 1999 and 2011, returning to work for Quadco as part of the NW, USA Sales team in 2017. Even in this interim period, he was never too far from his roots: Joel worked as a Forestry Specialist where he sold an estimated 120 Quadco heads throughout his tenure. He was “in the business” before ever officially entering the logging industry. Joel comes from a logging family and knows the manufacturing side of the business well. Joel sees loggers as “stewards of the land,” responsible for maintaining balance and keeping the industry moving for years to come. Being able to work with loggers every day is what draws Joel to his profession–and it’s what keeps him invested each day. From Quebec to BC to North America, Joel says that the Quadco team is second to none, boasting a unique and diverse group of dedicated individuals who keep innovation and standards high. He is proud to work with some of the best people in the business, and thrives on the technology-driven growth of the industry as well as the family and community-oriented nature of the people around him. Joel is excited to see what kind of innovation is around the corner for Quadco.

As VP of Product Support, Andreas oversees the service and support of all Quadco Group products in the U.S. His team installs, supports, services, and repairs attachments; they also fill commissions of new equipment in order to ensure that it operates at 100% from initial setup onward. Andreas and his team provide a host of services to Quadco customers, including complete training for operators on Quadco, Southstar, and Log Max attachments so that customers get the most out of every head. Andreas is proud to be VP of Product Support for the best in the industry; he notes that the support Quadco provides to dealers and customers is second to none. Andreas’s Product Support team travels out in the field as a daily part of the job, assisting loggers in setting up heads, repairing any issues, or troubleshooting concerns–and Andreas notes that they’re almost always in the field the day after they get the call. Before he came to Quadco, Andreas was a logger for ten years. He ran Log Max heads for a majority of that time, and left logging to join the Log Max team in 2000 as a Product Support Field Mechanic. He remained with Log Max for over 20 years, becoming the Service Manager in 2006, later the General Manager, and eventually the President of Log Max. When Quadco acquired the company, Andreas became the product support lead for all brands encompassed in Quadco Group, installing and servicing more heads and managing a larger team. Being able to offer Quadco customers every imaginable style of attachment head is important to Andreas–the company is competitive in any market, and works constantly to improve products for loggers. Andreas notes that it feels good to work for the best: Quadco has great, well-trained people, and they’re selling and servicing the best equipment available.

As Director of Finance at Quadco, Jesse is able to work with numbers and a variety of individuals from all over the world each day. He and the Finance Team at Quadco are responsible for all company financing and accounting, ensuring that all of Quadco’s brands are operating to their fullest potential. He enjoys the challenge of meeting multiple deadlines, reporting figures, and coordinating with his team. Jesse began with Quadco in 2017 as a Corporate Controller. Since taking on his role as Director of Finance in June of 2020, Jesse has enjoyed working with the team of veteran employees at Quadco–some of whom have been with the company for over 20-30 years. The family-oriented company culture is one of the reasons why he enjoys working at Quadco, and Jesse believes that it makes a big impact on the positive team environment. A productive work-life balance is important to Jesse, who spends his free time with his wife, Julie, and three children, Lex (11), Sofia (10), and Sasha (8). When he’s not at work, he can likely be found outdoors–hiking, biking, skiing, or winter camping. Jesse has over sixteen years of experience as an accountant and twelve years of management experience in a variety of industries. Since taking on this role with Quadco, Jesse has been interested in streamlining the conveyance of information, implementing new presentation processes, delegating duties in an efficient manner, and adding to Quadco’s reputation for providing excellent customer service in all its dealings. Jesse looks forward to growing with Quadco as the company continues to expand and perfect their extensive line of products.

As a Field Service Technician based out of Spokane, Washington, Chris Banks has ample opportunity to perform his favorite part of the job–working with Quadco’s awesome customers. His territory covers the inner mountain region, including Eastern Washington, Northeast Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Colorado. He’s always at the ready when a customer needs him, and sometimes travels as far as Maine and North Carolina. He wears many hats–including products, service, sales, and repair–and his expertise is backed by over thirty years of experience in the field. Chris grew up farming, and then attended the Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix before taking a position at John Deere / Rowand Machinery, where he worked for 27 years. He went on to work at Pierce Pacific in Portland, OR, before joining the Quadco team, where he now takes care of valued loggers across the PNW and beyond. Chris splits his time between installation and repairs, and enjoys all of the technical aspects of his position. A typical day consists of head rebuilds, phone-based product support, and travel to job sites. For Chris, Quadco is set apart by its commitment to customer service, parts, availability, and overall product support that goes above and beyond expectations–and  the like-minded, hardworking individuals he gets to work with just make his job even better.

Gary has been a Cutting Tools Specialist with Quadco for almost two years, devoting his time to working with dealers and customers while promoting Quadco’s offerings– including mowers, grinders, discs, and saw teeth. Gary also aids in product design and development, including the testing of new products within the Cutting Tools division. After a 25-year career in customer support and management within the medical industry, Gary came to Quadco, where he was excited to begin building relationships with dealers and end users. As a frequent traveller, he spends much of his time meeting with dealers across North America and Canada, with a particular penchant for the Southeast U.S.  Not only does he enjoy building bonds, he also recognizes customers’ expertise when it comes to suggesting designs and improvements for Quadco’s products. When he’s not in the field, he takes that feedback with him to the drawing board–always with the goal of providing improved products without inflating operational costs. As a self-proclaimed “outdoors guy,” he finds himself well-suited to his job, which enables him to travel and spend time outdoors. He enjoys being a part of what he considers a phenomenal and exciting industry, where he goes the extra mile for customers each day. Above all, Gary takes pride in being part of a team that wants customers to succeed, no matter the size of their business or their role in the industry.

“Our service backing isn’t like anybody elses. Our ability to show up for the customers in the field when they need it – that’s important.”

If you have products or warranty questions, Mychal is your guy. Mychal is the shop manager at Quadco Kalama, where he helps troubleshoot problems for customers, provides parts assistance, orders parts needed, builds out heads, and manages warranties. He has been in this role for three years, and previously worked with Log Max as a parts specialist. In this position, he was responsible for repairs, building hoses, and preparing for pre-delivery inspections. Since joining the Quadco team, he has become an expert in all of the products carried, ensuring that customers aren’t experiencing downtime with their heads. After leaving his car washing job for Log Max many years ago, Mychal “grew up” in logging, working from a young age in an industry that he finds essential. He enjoys the integrity of his role–ensuring that Quadco’s customers are taken care of, their attachments are up and running, and that they’re able to maximize their uptime. He is proud to be in a trusted role within the company, and part of a team that works well together across multiple divisions. When he isn’t at the warehouse, Mychal enjoys playing softball and golf. He is also heavily involved in his community, and takes part in outreach efforts for the homeless and for individuals in recovery. As a Washington native, he takes pride in providing Kalama facility customers and dealers with the knowledge and expertise they need to excel. 

As a Product Support Specialist based in Western Canada, Barry spends a great deal of his time on the move, ensuring that Quadco’s customers are maximizing uptime with their attachments. Barry works primarily on Southstar and Log Max heads, and he has been perfecting his techniques for over three years with Quadco. His skills are backed up with over 30 years of experience working on processing heads. Barry’s favorite aspect of his job is its ever-changing nature: there is always a new town to travel to, new people to meet, and more to learn from the loggers who run the machines. He is also appreciative of Quadco’s consistent expansion and innovation, as well as a willingness to adapt their products and approaches in order to improve. Barry says that the Product Development teams really listen to customers, and are always looking to make their attachments and tools even more efficient. When Barry isn’t exploring on the road, he catches up on service-related jobs at home base, often assisting local customers with their heads, working on prototypes, or enjoying the open and friendly environment of the shop.

Based in Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, Ken is a Product Support Specialist and former logger who enjoys seeing new sites, meeting new people, and offering extensive product knowledge and service to Quadco’s customers, however they need it–whether that’s on location or over the phone. Ken spends around 3 hours a day travelling the island and visiting loggers in the field. He goes off island just 2-3 times a year, sometimes travelling as far as New Zealand. Before coming to his role with Quadco in 2015, Ken was logging in Vernon, BC, where he ran a Southstar head. Although he was raised farming, he joined the logging industry in 1999, following his brothers and uncle who remain in the industry today. Through the years, he has worked in a variety of places in Canada, including Alberta for 18 years, Boston Bar, Chilliwack, and Mission. In 2010-11, he was recommended for a teaching position in Hundred Miles, where he led a course in forestry equipment. Some of his favorite parts of his job include the availability his position allows for–if a customer needs assistance, he’s on it 24/7. Ken believes that Quadco continually surpasses the competition because they take loggers’ feedback seriously, incorporating it into their product design and improvements. When he’s not working, Ken enjoys hunting, fishing, and being out on the water in his boat.

As a Product Support Specialist covering Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, Bob Shelly spends his days on the job (and sometimes his days off the job) doing his favorite thing–hanging out in the woods. Bob typically spends 3-4 days of his work week on the road, ensuring that his customers’ Quadco, Southstar, and Log Max heads are operating at 100% capacity. From answering customer questions to handling parts issues, fixing machines, and providing parts and technical support to dealers, Bob has been the Quadco Group attachments expert of his area since he joined the team last year. Bob entered the industry through the recommendation of logger friends, and started with Log Max in the Great Lakes region in 2004. Since leaving Log Max in 2008, he worked with Caterpillar and owned his own business before joining the Quadco team in 2020. With two decades of experience, Bob is keeping Quadco customers up and running every day. In his view, Quadco is set apart by the durability and longevity of the products. Since Wisconsin loggers are primarily cutting hard wood, the heads they use need to be durable enough to keep up with the workload–and they do that, and more. He is proud to be able to offer coverage that no other company can; no matter where the customer or dealer is, they’re always covered.


Quadco is a Canadian company that was incorporated in 1989. Our headquarters are in St-Eustache, near Montreal, Canada. Other facilities include Kamloops, BC and Kalama, WA. Our US Division is based in Lexington, SC with a parts warehouse and attachment service installations. Quadco currently owns over 40 patents in various countries.

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