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FD750 on a Timber Pro Machine

Here with Danielson Logging in St. Maries, ID, the FD750 Directional Felling Head gets the tough jobs done with its powerful clearing, shoveling, and sorting capabilities. The Southstar saw system easily cuts through trees between 5-55” in diameter while the angled tip grips improve your hold when shoveling or stacking. The FD750’s Wide Chassis Structure is designed to bring you the best in structural strength when handling the largest logs. In mountainous terrain, the reduced saw box footprint can keep stump size short when you’re working on steep slopes. 

Built to last, this attachment comes equipped with a DGlide bushing material and a Taper lock collar to minimize wear and extend the life of your product. After all, Bob Danielson chooses to exclusively use Quadco Group products for a reason—they get the job done again and again.

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The FD750 Felling Head is designed for the toughest falling environments, for the largest sized stems with an optimum operating size of 24 – 40″ in diameter. This heavy duty directional felling head is packed full of design features that set it apart from the competition.