Standard Configuration

Kerf 2-1/4 in 57.1 mm
Height 1.63 in 41.3 mm
Length 4.13 in 104.8 mm
Back Length 3.71 in 94.2 mm
Back Width 1.28 in 32.5 mm
Center to Center 1.50 in 38.1 mm
Rails Yes Yes
Width 2.22 in 56.3 mm
Width at base 2.1 in 56.7 mm
Weight 3.07 lb 1.39 kg
Bolt size 3/4″ UNF 3/4″ UNF

Bolts and Nuts 011018528 (2), ONLW10 Hex 5/8″ UNF x 3 1/4″, 011018648

Material High Quality Alloy Steel seat with brazed on durable carbide tips.

Application Extremely durable carbide tipped tooth for tough abrasive applications

Product Features Rotatable high alloy steel heat treated seat with 4 brazed on durable carbide tips

OEM Brand and Model Info Rayco Mowers and Grinders

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Standard Configuration

Kerf 2 1/8" 5.4
Height (not Including shank) 2.106 5.35
Length NA NA
Shank Length NA NA
Shank Width NA NA
Shank Height NA NA
Shank Diameter NA NA
Width 2.2 5.4
Width at Base 2.2 5.4
Weight 3.072 lb 1.39 kg
Bolt size 5/8" UNF 5/8" UNF

Material Heat treated steel with 4 brazed on carbide tips

Bolts and Nuts Bolts 011018528 and 011018648 (1 of each)

Application Brush Cutting on Rayco heads. Best Durability

Product Features Reversible 4 tip double edged tooth. Same weight as the steel version so they can be mixed on the head Proven Quality, Performance and Reliability. Made in North America

Used on Rayco Brand Mulchers

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