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56QDM with Left Coast Land Clearing

See Quadco’s 56” Mower/Mulcher in action as it effectively trims branches, clears excess vegetation and dead limbs, and sweeps away debris. On site with Left Coast Land Clearing, the 56QM makes quick work of debris as it controls vegetation and keeps risk of fire at bay. It’s a great choice for land clearing, and can even mulch full trees if you put it to the task. The fine mulch is deposited directly to the ground, minimizing cleanup. The 56QM’s low-maintenance is a huge perk: Bryce Bamber from Left Coast Land Clearing tells us that the machine has decreased downtime and requires very minimal upkeep.

Maximize your uptime and keep operating costs low with 56QM’s easy-to-operate three hydraulic lines. The 56QM is belt-driven with a 26 staggered-tooth drum that comes with a choice of teeth to suit your needs, including Reversible, Planer, Beaver, and Carbide. The 56QM also has an optional boom adapter, with matching pins or quick attach available for most carriers. When it comes to land management and clearing, it doesn’t get better than the combination of our powerful drum mowers and proven Quadco Teeth.

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B-Models enable better leverage of big and tall timber with extended tower and “arms” design. They feature durable cast grab and accumulator arms, each operated independently and an ultra reliable disc drive with easily adjustable bearings.