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Grapple Processor In Action

Maximize Uptime With The QS505 from Southtstar

See the Southstar QS505 Grapple Processor in action. Its impressive traction and torque can handle small to medium-sized logs in no time. This machine is designed to perform multiple capabilities in one sleek configuration—without sacrificing any of the power. The QS505 not only sort, shovels, and loads logs; it can also measure and cut like a processor. 

Here, on-site in North Carolina with Moore Logging, the QS505 quickly sorts, loads, measures, and cuts pine with effective and smooth control. This attachment has a 34” butt saw and a 25.5” top saw, a powerful delimb section, and a feed speed of 18-25 feet per second. The multi-functionality of the QS505 is sure to maximize your uptime and bring the power to your job site with its 4×4 drive system. Plus, true to the quality and durability that you’ve come to expect from Quado, the QS505 has components that are built to last.


The QS505 grapple processor is designed to be able to sort, shovel and load like a grapple and process, measure and cut with all the advantages of a Southstar processor. Combine your loading and processing into one effective machine. The QS505 is designed for small to medium sized wood with an optimum operating size of 18 – 24″ in diameter. This large multi-tree grapple processor is packed full of design features that set it apart from the competition.

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