SKU: 45-QM-1.


653 kg | 1440 lbs

Weight (Excluding bolt-on sleeves & pins & option)

340 bar | 5000 psi

Rotator Pressure

813 mm | 32"

Cutting Swath

2600 rpm


Quadco’s new 32-inch drum mulcher is the latest addition to a current line up of tough, reliable and cost-efficient forestry mulching attachments. It is a versatile head, compact in dimensions but heavy duty, best suited to 8-13 ton excavators. To improve productivity and handling of ground material, a 65-degree lateral tilt is offered as standard equipment as well as two options, a fixed heel and a side clamp.

Available with a variety of Quadco mower teeth to suit any application, it will out produce and out live many other mass-produced brands, often built too light for professional contractors. Built-in universal boom adapter provides equipment dealers, particularly rental fleets, flexibility and quick turn around to meet the demands of their client’s businesses—pins and sleeves only can be swapped to change carriers.


Standard Configuration

Weight (Less bolt-on sleeves & pins & option) 653 kg 1,440 lbs
Weight (Incl. bolt-on sleeves & pins, less options) 680 kg 1,500 lbs
Weight (Incl. bolt-on sleeves & pins & option) 778 kg 1,715 lbs
Overall Height 940 mm 37″
Width (Optional Clamp in Closed Position) 787 mm 31″
Length (Maximum Length with Optional Heel) 1,854 mm 73″

Cutting Swath 813 mm 32″
Drum, Tip-to-Tip (Dia.) 457 mm 18″
Number of Teeth 18
Drum Speed 2,600 rpm

Recommended Carrier Size 8 – 13 ton
Variable Displacement Motor 60 cc
Minimum Flow @ Pressure 65 lpm @ 240 bar 17 gpm @ 3,500 psi
Optimum Flow @ Pressure 140 lpm @ 240 bar  37 gpm @ 3,500 psi
Maximum Pressure 340 bar 5,000 psi
Weight 3300 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 cm

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As a true visionary and pioneer in the forestry industry, we embrace quality craftsmanship.


The low-maintenance and easy-to-operate Quadco Mower Mulchers grind vegetation into a fine material.

Capable of performing extensive operations–from light brushing and clearing to full tree mulching–they’re ideal for keeping operating costs down while achieving maximum efficiency in land clearing.

Cutting Capacity 45″ 56″ 32″