Ultimate 5660

The Ultimate 5660 harvesting head is basically the same as the original 5600 but with a different saw base imported from our 6000 model. The saw has a 24″ cutting capacity and develops 60% more power…. [more]

Ultimate 5660 Harvesting Head

Keto 873 Processor

The Keto 873 Processor is all new. If you are looking for a tracked processor for minimal fibre damage, look no further… [more]

Keto 660C

With the new Keto 660C, we move into the larger Keto heads capable of handling hardwoods as well as softwoods… [more]

Keto 660C Harvesting Head

Keto 870C

With its 22-in topping saw and nearly 9,000 lbft of real delimbing power, the Keto 870C is designed for the big stuff, and is at home in hardwoods as well… [more]

Keto 870B Harvesting Head

Keto 500HD4

Suited for a steady diet of larger timber, it boasts four delimbing arms and knives for clean stems… [more]

Keto 500hd4 Harvesting Head

Keto 150M & 150HD4

The Keto 150 shares the benefits of Ketos’ unique track feed system. Suited for a wide range of tree sizes and applications, the 150 is a versatile performer… [more]

keto-150 Harvesting Head

Keto 51 & 51LD4

Traditional models have two moving knives while LD4 and HD4 models like the 51LD4 have 4 knives/arms… [more]

Keto-51 Harvesting Head

Keto 100 & 100LD4

The Keto 100 shares the benefits of Ketos’ unique track feed system… [more]

Keto 100 Harvesting Head

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