Intermittent Bar Saw Head 3200

Intermittent Bar Saw Head 3200

Large tree capacity in a small package

The 3200 is a reliable, low maintenance bar saw head no matter how severe the operating conditions. In smaller timber, several small stems can be pre-bunched by the accumulator arms.

Grab-and-cut tree control and quality cuts

Since the tree is held securely and the sawblade swings horizontally, the system produces level, high quality cuts at an impressive rate. These robust heads are built for shift after shift production.

Stop-and-go cutting and 360-degree tilt — the perfect combination

By stopping and retracting the sawblade after the cut, the head can be safely positioned for delimbing, topping, butt trimming and used as a grapple for tree handling and piling. With Quadco’s patented 360-degree lateral tilt, the head is easily rotated into any horizontal position without having to move the machine around. Less wear on the machine, less ground disturbance, less operator effort. This versatility makes Quadco intermittent heads effective in selective cutting, blowdown, right-of-way, steep slope and shovel logging.

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