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As a true visionary and pioneer in the forestry industry, we embrace quality craftsmanship, business relationships, and loggers needs. Incorporated in 1989, we are recognized worldwide for revolutionizing the forestry industry through development of the Quad Tooth® System as well as other valuable products used by loggers every day. Browse our selection of forestry cutting tools, saw discs, and attachments to complete your QUADCO cutting system.

Our mission is to manufacture world class cutting systems to fill our customers’ needs, provide satisfying careers for all our employees, and to earn a fair return in order to allow continuous improvement, thereby creating a partnership with our customers for a successful future.

Featured Products

B-Series Disc Saw Heads


Designed for Heavy & Tall Timber: 4 Independent arms with the “Arms Down” feature, for increased leverage & greater holding power in tall timber. Two cylinders per set of arms (instead of one cylinder with linkage) contributes to maximum holding power…. [more]

C-Series Disc Saw Heads


Four-arm-up design with one cylinder and heavy-duty timing bar per set of arms. Optional 40° or 360° lateral tilt available for boom mount applications. Patented 360º wrist system using Quadco’s field proven double reduction gear box and two motors for maximum feller buncher versatility…. [more]

Saw Teeth

Saw Teeth

QUADCO’s QUAD TOOTH® System saw teeth have become the industry standard around the world, even more so with our NO-SHANK and SHANKLESS models. By changing only the tooth crown … [more]

Intermittent Saw Heads

Bunching Saw Head 7224

Quadco produces two high-capacity Bunching Saw Head models; the 7224D Bunching Saw Head is ideal for drive-to-tree bunchers & 7224 with 360 degree rotation for boom machines. A large 7.2 sq.ft. … [more]

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